Guess who? Matthieu.
A gift for alcyonesong!


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I am preparing to take commissions, but not yet. 

I have however added a donation button to my blog on the left there.

It is not for commissions, simply donations. For those who wish to throw money at me for nothing in return. :)


hair brushin time
Like an Asshole by TubesAndWires
Oh. I almsot forgot. I spent a significant portion of time yesterday making an 11x14 acrylic painting of… “SWOOD”
your OTP as go-go dancers? *shrug*

Thank you!!! I couldn’t decide on a fandom OTP so I just drew… my other OCTP, Layla and Matthieu’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Debry………………………..



gimme some. IF I take them I promise they will be sloppy scribbles. But if you’re okay with that go ahead

I remembered I wanted to post both of these next to each other! They’re both so fabulously grotesque like asparagus and licorice or some shit.