I am preparing to take commissions, but not yet. 

I have however added a donation button to my blog on the left there.

It is not for commissions, simply donations. For those who wish to throw money at me for nothing in return. :)


hair brushin time
Like an Asshole by TubesAndWires
Oh. I almsot forgot. I spent a significant portion of time yesterday making an 11x14 acrylic painting of… “SWOOD”
your OTP as go-go dancers? *shrug*

Thank you!!! I couldn’t decide on a fandom OTP so I just drew… my other OCTP, Layla and Matthieu’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Debry………………………..



gimme some. IF I take them I promise they will be sloppy scribbles. But if you’re okay with that go ahead

I remembered I wanted to post both of these next to each other! They’re both so fabulously grotesque like asparagus and licorice or some shit.

peppersart replied to your post: peppersart¬†said:6! AbbeyXDerrick…

oh my gsoh

hehehehehahahahahaha >u<

lolita-strider: Nadine in 16 please?

Being the hipstering tumblrbaby she is, Nadine approves of your suggestion. This is her approval face. What? Were you expecting a smile?

AbbeyXDerrick ;D

DERRICK IS CANONCIALLY AN EXTREMELY MESSY EATER. He’s just enjoyin his spaghetti not realizing what’s happened yet. Abbey opens her mouth in shock and ends up turning an already embarrasing situation into Derrick kissing her teeth- which she is SO ashamed of…